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Portable dog walking rope multi-color wrist-type retractable traction rope strap-type retractor


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*Anti-skid, comfortable and safe: with quick lock and unlock function. For those who walk with dogs, a super comfortable grip. Non-slip handle for firm grip.

*Sturdy and durable leash: Retractable automatic stretch belt for dogs, can be extended to 3M long rope, strong and durable, can be used daily; with strong spring, can smoothly retract the dog leash, let the dog under your control Have the greatest degree of freedom.

*Easy to use: Whether you are walking, jogging, running or playing outdoors, you can maintain a comfortable distance. No tangles and consistent retractable dog leash extender. Easy-to-use lock and hold buttons. Ideal for any situation.

*Automatic locking mechanism: The excellent automatic locking mechanism makes it a seamless transition from free stretching to heel dog. It can recognize sudden movements and limit the belt, giving you more control in more situations. It is calibrated not to lock too early or dangerously, but only when you want to lock.

*Enjoy a safe stroll: allow dogs to roam freely while maintaining control. Durable ribbons provide you and your dog with plenty of space to walk safely. Suitable for men, women and children. Easy to carry, so you can use it anywhere with the dog.


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