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WonderArtist Toddler/Kid Boy/Girl Coloring T-Shirt with 10-Pack Textile Markers Set

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Color BlackandWhite
Butter-soft Feel
Durable Prints
Vivid Color

Product details

Introducing 'WonderArtist' – where clothing becomes a canvas for creativity and every design sparks wonder! "WonderArtist" empowers kids to explore, imagine, and express themselves, turning dressing into an act of self-expression. With our new WonderArtist Coloring T-Shirt Set, your little one's imagination bursts to life with every ...

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Composition, Care & fit

Composition: Made of 73.2% cotton and 26.8% spandex

Care: • DRYING - Allow the artwork to air dry for 24 hours before the first wash to ensure the colors fully set and bond with the fabric. (The color may bleed in first wash, so wash separately.) • WASHING - Machine washable. Wash the t-shirt inside out in cold water to maintain color vibrance. Avoid using bleach or harsh detergents. • PERMANENT COLORS - Note that our textile marker colors are here to stay, so keep them on the canvas, not your hands!

Fit: Oversized